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Rules and Regulations

You can download the full document here in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.

Members must meet standards as set by the Association.  They must also not bring the Association or the Recovery Industry into disrepute.

When a company or individual applies to become a member, their application is considered, and if they are a suitable company they will be accepted as Provisional Members.  These members can attend meetings but cannot vote nor charge the LARO rate.  Once a provisional member has passed an inspection to determine that the standards meet the criteria as set, they become Full Members, and can vote at meetings, charge the LARO rate and use the logo. 

Associate Members are persons or companies providing services or products which the Committee deems to be of suitable quality and of benefit to the membership.  Associate Members may not vote, but they may use the LARO logo as long as they state they are Associate Members.

All LARO members benefit from being placed in the LARO Directory, available on this website.

Required Standards

The following is a very brief guideline - you are advised to see the PAS 43: 2012 document and consult with a committee member.


You must work from recognised premises suitable for the operation. The company name must be clearly displayed on these premises. The premises should include the following facilities:

a) A waiting area for customers
b) A telephone for customers’ use
c) Drinks facilities
d) A suitable and secure vehicle parking area
e) Toilet facilities which must be kept clean and tidy

Recovery/Rescue Staff

a) All breakdown and recovery drivers must carry photographic identification
b) Staff should have PPE that comply with current legislative standards
c) Staff should wear overalls or uniforms bearing the company name or logo
d) Staff must be provided with vehicle condition report forms

Rescue/Recovery Vehicle

All recovery vehicles must be M.O.T. tested (including those under 3 years old). Transporters must be plated and tested. Vehicles up to 3,500Kgs need a Class 7 and any vehicle that falls outside the scope of plating and testing should be tested annually at an authorised VOSA Testing Facility. All vehicles should have annual LOLER certification and PUWER documentation. Vehicles additionally required four yearly proof load certification for their equipment.

The Recovery Vehicle must have or carry the following:

a) One first aid kit inc current eyewash sachets
b) One fire extinguisher, minimum 2Kg
c) One trailer light board and number plate, tow plate
d) One wrecker kit to include a broom, 6 marker cones, a shovel, a crowbar and a safety helmet
e) One snatch block per winch (not applicable on LGV motorcycle recovery only vans)
f) One HazChem/ADR chart if applicable

The vehicle must have an amber beacon fitted. The vehicle must also display the company name and telephone contact number.

PLEASE NOTE: these standards will soon be superseded by ISO9001:2008 and the Recovery Industry PAS 43:2012 module. These standards are in line with the criteria above, but you should discuss requirements with a Committee member before applying for membership.